logo Sophie et Martin

The Sophie et Martin brand offers DIY kits to make elegant paper models, fun and decorative.
 Each pocket makes it possible to carry out several models.  They can therefore be made in small groups, with family or friends, in a pleasant moment of sharing and cooperation.
 Our games have the advantage of providing as much pleasure in their construction as in their use.
 Accessible from 6 years old, making our games requires patience and concentration.
 Combining folding, gluing, cutting and mounting, these games develop the child's dexterity and concentration.
 The construction in stages of these games also develops its projection and observation skills.
 Of course, building your own game adds extra value for the child.
 The 100% visual assembly instructions are understandable in all languages ​​and at all ages.
 Annotations are available in English and French.
 French manufacturing, printed on PEFC certified paper with vegetable inks.
 Printing company labeled Imprim’vert, equal pay for men and women, awareness-raising
 disabled (RSE 2012), welcoming young people (AJE Label).